Tuesday, November 26, 2013

                                                          A thing I Have Learned

One dad my mom and dad decided they wanted to teach me how to fish.They seed lets go fishing we got all of are stuff and put it in the truck.I think the first time we went fishing was to the lake we were about 4 and 3.The first time we went there it was really hard for me and my brother we always got are line tangled up and it was hard to even cast the fishing  pole.Are mom and dad had to help with everything we did with fishing.Then I got my first fish Then it just popped right in to my head that I really loved fishing And from then on It was something I loved to do.

this week

                 This week was great, because we didn't half to go to all of the classes. We didn't some fun things to like making are parents christmas presents.We made this writing for them.Also we practised for are program to.It was fun jest to stay with are homromm class with all my friends.That is whey it was fun this weekend at school.

Monday, November 25, 2013

My Favorite Place To Be

My favorite place to be is my house.Why I like to be at my house is there is a basketball hope in my room, it is really tiny and there is little basketballs to go with it and when I slam dunk it it fells grate.I like to play my I pod and Wii not much the x box I don't now why but I don't really play it.The we is fun because of madden 13 I play that one the most because it is the best.I like my I pod because I can bring it on trips that are far away.In my house I here the fans running, cats crying and the TV on.I also her my house cricking sometimes and I smell the food that my mom makes.

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Weekend

When I got home from school I played the Wii. Also we played some basketball in the house with the little basketball hoop. The next  day I had a basketball game in green, I picked up my friend hunter to bring him to the game because he didn't have a ride. When we arrived we played our first game, we lost 10 to 18. The second game we won 22 to 6 or 4, And in that game I shot a three pointer.On sunday I went to church and wacked some football.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Day One 
The dad was going to leave.Matt's dad gave him his father's watch and his dads rifle to keep him busy.And he has this type of calendar to remember when his dad gets back.
Day Two 
Be for his dad left he told his son that the native Americans are going to Canada and the ones that aren't are staying home because they aren't looking for trouble.
Day 3 
Matt was beginning to fill biter from getting stung from Bess and falling out of the tree and into the water. 
Day 3 
Matt gave the Indians a book And was teaching the Indian to read.
Day 4
Matt  was getting tough to make a trap by the Indians

Day 4
Matt was getting tough to make Traps from the Indians.
day 5 
Matt was so hungry but he didn't have anything to eat. He tried to eat a flower but Attean sed it was poisonous.
Day 5
Attean was teaching Matt about the bible.