Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Favorite Season

One day, I woke up it was 7:30.  I wonder why my parents didn't wake me up, so I got up and my parents were up making breakfast I said don't we have school today they said no it was the first day of summer vacation.  So then I got ready for the day and my mom asked if I wanted to go to the beach later I said shire.
         So when I was all ready, I went to jump on the trampoline with my brother, that's one reason I love summer is I can do a lot more than I can do in some of the other seasons.  The game I played on the trampoline was tag with a soccer ball we would kick the ball at each other and the next person to touch the ball last would be it than they would try to hit us with the ball and they would be it if the ball hit them, also we played this football game that you throw the ball into the air and you try to catch it and who ever catches it would try to run to their touchdown.  We played both games for about 45 minute.
       When we were done, we went inside to get ready to go to the beach.  When we were in the car my mom asked if I wanted to call two friends to come with me to the beach.  I called Easton G, and Joe from my mom's phone. They both could come to the beach with me.  We picked them up and when we arrived at the beach we played in the water with the floater we played army we would invade my brother and Joe, and Easton and I would invade them by jumping on their base and going under the water and tipping over the floater that they were on. We played and we played and we played then when we were done with that game we went and jumped of the dock a couple times.
      Then when we were done swimming at the beach, we went back to our house with our friends, and we played football, baseball, and basketball. When we were playing football, I scored two touchdowns. My brother on my team he passed them both to me but we lost the game but it was really fun.  Soccer was fun but we argued a lot.  Also, when we played basketball we only played for about ten minutes.  Then we went inside and played video games, we played minecraft on our Ipods and Ipads.
      When we were done we brought everyone to their house and when I got home I got ready for bed.  Those are some of the reasons I like summer.

Friday, April 18, 2014

                    Lazy frogs

All frogs do is they sit And they croak
They are lazy and they wait for a bug to fly by
Then they stick out their tongue and say goodbye. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Game

           By: Grace & Jett
           What you will need
           Paper and pencil.
                  How many players
  You can have as many players as you want.
                  How to set up
Draw the hangman pole that the hangman hangs (2).jpg

                                How to play
 think of your word or words.  And write the  lines of how many letters there are.image197.png

Make all the the players except the person who thought  of the word till all the letters are guessed . If they  guess the wrong letter draw a part of the hangman. If the hangman is completely drawn you are (3).jpg